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Our Newsletter: eFlowNews

eFlowNews is the official newsletter of eFlowNet and it is issued approximately 4 times a year or, alternatively, at the beginning of the year for the entirety of the previous year. The newsletter serves to:

  • Publish synopses of ongoing studies and highlights ongoing discussions
  • Announce and report on workshops and other eFlow related events
  • Present new experiences, publications and developments on the global eFlow scene

To subscribe to eFlowNews, please register as a member of eFlowNet. It's FREE.

eFlowNews replaces the newsletter previously issued by IWMI. You can read these newsletters here:

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue 1

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 1

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue 2

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue 1

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 2

Environmental Flows Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1

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