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 The need for a Network

El Salvador: IUCN/Taco Anema

Although there is a large amount of information, knowledge and experience behind the eflows concept, national and international environmental polices rarely take environmental flows (eflows) into account. Furthermore, despite the generation of information across the globe, there is no central reference point where people can readily access or share eflows-related information, ranging from terminology, links or contacts to details of scientific eflows methods, case studies, software or professional literature.
For this reason, a distinct need has been identified for creating a network on eflows to provide the means for people to access and share the latest state-of-the-art information. This need is based on discussions with experts in the field of eflows as well as with people, particularly those based in developing countries, who are interested in finding out more information about the concept.

Jordan: IUCN/Taco Anema

Experts have expressed their support behind such an initiative in order to bring together all the information, case studies, references and organisations into a central point that allows a consolidation of methods and tools for developing and implementing eflow assessments. Furthermore, experts have indicated the need to be able to direct people to up-to-date, accurate information on eflows. The network will also facilitate organisations to disseminate their own experiences and initiatives on environmental flows to a wider but targeted audience.

 A bit of history

The idea of the Network emerged in 2005 through the discussions between specialists from IUCN, IWMI, DHI, Delft Hydraulics and SIWI. In June 2006, the representatives of these organizations together with those from The Nature Conservancy (TNC, Washington), Swedish Water House and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH, UK) met at IUCN HQ in Gland, Switzerland to discuss the logistics of the Seminar at the World Water Week in Stockholm in August, where the idea of the Network was first presented. The report on the Seminar can be found in Newsletter 3.1.
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