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The 4th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology: Emerging Patterns, Breakthroughs and Challenges is to be held in Rennes, France from 13th - 16th May, 2013. The abstract submission deadline is September 30, 2012. The proposed sessions are:

S1: Interactions between surface water, hyporheic zone, saturated and unsaturated groundwater
S2: Plant-, surface- and or groundwater interactions
S3: Hydroecology in the wetland context
S4: River temperature: understanding physical processes and ecological impacts
S5: Pollutant buffering capacities from riparian zones to landscape
S6: Impact and role of extreme hydro-meteorological events on interactions between hydrological and biological processes
S7: Modelling interactions between hydrological and biological processes
S8: Scaling spatio temporal laws in Water, Life, and Landscapes
S9: Relevance and limitation of existing legal and regulatory legislation to maintain and enhance hydrological and biological interactions
S10: Restoration of hydrosystems services
S11: Hydroecological tools for assessment of aquatic ecosystems functions

Please see website here

In This Section
-Riversymposium Earlybird extended until 25 July
-Call for Abstracts
-IHA en espaƱol!
-Launch of East Africa Environmental Flow Network
-New technical guidance note on environmental flows and hydropower
-Two new reports on eflow policy, plans and projects are now available
-Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration (ELOHA) Toolbox
-Seeking ways forward to balancing competing water needs
-Call for expression of interest: National IWRM planning status for Southern Africa

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