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eFlowNews Volume 8

January 2012   

6th World Water Forum, 2012

eFlowNet and UNESCO-IHP co-coordinating Target 3.1.2 of the 6th World Water Forum on principles, practices and capacity building for the health of inland and coastal water and of the corresponding ecosystems at basin level.



The 6th World Water Forum will be hosted in Marseille, France, on March 12 to 17, 2012. TFocusing on solutions and practical actions, the Forum’s Thematic Framework identifies 12 key Priorities for Action and 3 Conditions for Success, and a series of targets has been suggested for each one of these wide-ranging themes. Core Groups (CG) and Target and Solutions Groups (TSG) are currently working on ways to achieve these challenging targets.

In particular, Priority for Action 3.1: Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems is focused around four targets addressing:

1. policies and strategies to protect and sustainably use water resources and the ecosystems so that they that provide enough water, of adequate quality, as well as other ecosystem services (WWF – TSG coordinator)

2. regionally-defined principles and practices and the capacity to manage the flows and quality of surface and groundwater to maintain or improve the health of inland and coastal waters and of the corresponding ecosystems (eFlowNet/UNESCO-IHP – TSG co-coordinators)

3. reducing nutrient inputs and pollution from urban wastewater effluent and land-based activities to protect and enhance the quality of water for human well-being and support the sustainability of water resources and ecosystems (UNESCO-IHP – TSG coordinator)

4. river basin and water resource management plans and related implementation strategies that safeguard and restore ecosystem services (Wetlands International – TSG coordinator)

The four targets are designed to bring stakeholders together to build solutions that will help ensure that the quality of water resources and ecosystems is improved. Regional representation will be integral to advancing the necessary new approaches and knowledge in water and ecosystem management.

Within thematic Priority for Action 3.1, the Global Environmental Flows Network (eFlowNet) is co-coordinating TSG 2: by 2015 establish regionally-defined principles and practices and the capacity in X basin to manage the flows and quality of surface and groundwater to maintain or improve the health of inland and coastal waters and of the corresponding ecosystems along with UNESCO-IHP.

In order to enable a widespread involvement and to trigger concrete contributions for water, the Forum organisers have established a web-based Platform of Solutions open to all stakeholders and public at large. This interactive tool enables everyone to propose and access feasible solutions. It also helps foster and secure the necessary commitments for their implementation and upscaling throughout the world.

What is a Solution? These FAQs elaborate on how to understand solutions and how to relate them to the Forum Week programme and sessions. Existing or innovative solutions can be legal, technical, institutional, financial or communication-related. A set of criteria will help contributors identify relevant solutions such as cost-effectiveness, replicability and exisiting commitment to implementation.

Stay tuned and follow on Target 3.1.2's page how eflows package up with other solutions for the health of inland and coastal water and of the corresponding ecosystems at basin level! 

As a result of a TSG's report due on January 25th, the most promising solutions for ensuring commitments and establishing capacity will be presented in a 2-hour session in Marseille (tentatively on Thursday 15 March at 8:30am).

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