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 eFlowNewsVolume 8 January 2012   

eFlowNet Summary 2011
Dear eFlowNet members there has not been a newsletter for a while so we have put together a summary from 2011 including upcoming events.  Read More

eFlowNet at World Water Week
At the 2011 edition of World Water Week in Stockholm, eFlowNet co-convened the seminar 'EcoHealth - Linking environmental change, healthy ecosystems and human well-being in rural and urban areas' that looked at the linkages between the big drivers of global change and their management implications for the health of humans and ecosystems.  Read More

Updates from WWF-Canada
The World Wildlife Fund-Canada is working to protect and restore environmental flows coursing through Canada’s rivers – using their accomplishments ‘in the water’ to catalyze lasting change in water policy on a national scale.  Read More

IUCN strengthens regional networks
Population growth, industrial and farmland expansion in Asia are stretching the limits of water allocation for nature’s needs. Environmental Flows, or ensuring sufficient water for both people and nature, was the theme of two recent training workshop in Nepal and Thailand. Meanwhile, training in Latin America extends to government officials.  Read More

Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India
A chapter on water for ecosystems discuss about eflows in a Water Allocations report. So did a session in a Training Workshop on Conflicts. A second workshop is also announced.  Read More

6th World Water Forum, 2012
eFlowNet and UNESCO-IHP co-coordinating Target 3.1.2 of the 6th World Water Forum on principles, practices and capacity building for the health of inland and coastal water and of the corresponding ecosystems at basin level.  Read More

Call for Abstracts now open
You are invited to submit an abstract for the 15th International Riversymposium that will contribute to the exploration of the various themes and topics in the programme. Submissions close 27 February 2012; there will be no extension to this date.  Read More

NEW Online course on Environmental Flows
UNESCO-IHE will start offering an online course on Environmental Flows as of September 2012.  Read More

From ELOHA News - ConserveOnline
Practitioner updates on the Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration (ELOHA), a scientifically robust and flexible framework for assessing and managing environmental flows across large regions, when lack of time and resources preclude evaluating individual rivers.  Read More

Eflows and the European Water Framework Directive
Deltares (The Netherlands) is leading applied research with current and future projects on the ecological flow requirements of surface and groundwater bodies in Europe. Amongst eFlowNet's founding members, Deltares has always had a focus point on eflows in its water resources studies.  Read More

Seminar on eflows: recent developments and applications at basin scale
Aimed at improving knowledge of the most recent tools and methodologies and reviewing application, the seminar took place at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in September 2011  Read More

Introducing a new member
- - - The Copper River Program joined eFlowNet in December 2011.  Read More

New IUCN-WANI publications
Ten years of eflow-related activities and lessons learned have been summarised in the first ever WANI case study. Meanwhile, IUCN-ESARO (East and Southern Africa Regional Office) with the East Africa Environmental Flows Network looked at the work that has been carried out over a decade or so to assess and implement the eflow requirements of four river basins in Tanzania.  Read More

Evaluating eflows releases in New South Wales, Australia
Programs are in place to monitor and assess the effects of the eflows that are released from the Sydney Catchment Authority’s six dams on the Nepean, Shoalhaven and Woronora rivers.  Read More

Other recent publications
UNEP-IWMI new release "An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water and Food Security" and other 2011 journal articles and reports  Read More

Forum discussion on methods to address daily peaking
Peter Bergsten of Swedpower AB was wondering whether a method or tool existed that could provide him with more representative indicators on e.g. rate of change than IHA.  Read More

Welcome to Deal Radar
Gain insights and keep informed on deal opportunities with the sustainability industry's companies, projects and funds.  Read More

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  -eFlowNet Summary 2011

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  -Updates from WWF-Canada

  -IUCN strengthens regional networks

  -Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India

  -6th World Water Forum, 2012

  -Call for Abstracts now open

  -NEW Online course on Environmental Flows

  -From ELOHA News - ConserveOnline

  -Eflows and the European Water Framework Directive

  -Seminar on eflows: recent developments and applications at basin scale

  -Introducing a new member

  -New IUCN-WANI publications

  -Evaluating eflows releases in New South Wales, Australia

  -Other recent publications

  -Forum discussion on methods to address daily peaking

  -Welcome to Deal Radar

eFlowNet Newsletter

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eFlowNet Newsletter
  - Validation and improving the Smakhtin environmental flow requirement method

  - Special Issue of HSJ on eflows: abstracts requested

  - New plan to restore more natural flows in Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence

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