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Query on environmental flows equation
Katharine Cross

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Posted: 05-Jan-2011

Dear eFlowNet members,
The following query is on an equation for environmental flows. Please send your responses to:
------------------------------------------------------------Dear All

While developing the requirements for environmental flows for a run of river hydropower project, we were informed that a research paper developed in CEMAGREF has identified the following equation for environmental flows:

Q = [(0.0651 Qmm+2) /100] Qam


Q is the environmental flow
Qmm is mean monthly flow
Qam is mean annual flow

Unfortunately, we have not been able to track the source in the literature. Since your area of interest is environmental flows, I was wondering if you have come across such equation in your study. If you have, I would really appreciate if you could guide me to the source.


Waqar Ahmad Khan
Chief Technical & Commercial Officer
Star Hydropower Limited
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Siddiq Trade Centre
Gulberg, Lahore

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Stefano Barchiesi

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Posted: 06-Jan-2011

[On behalf of Denis Hughes]

I have not seen this equation, but I would like to suggest that its use would be very dangerous. There is no allowance for level of protection and it largely ignores flow regime variability.

Dr Denis Hughes - Institute for Water Research
Rhodes University, PO Box 94, GRAHAMSTOWN, 614 SOUTH AFRICA

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